A Richer Life Awaits Me There

          A month ago I informed you of changes taking place here at MADE. Gift boxes would be coming soon, and some have. Did you see the bakers box and picnic box? But it seems that as I press forward, not wanting to give up on a business that has been ever changing, there is a deeper stirring going on within me. I hadn't been able to express it until I read the quote above.  A force has built up in my heart that has left me uneasy as I am. I love the work. I love the products. I love you as supporters and encouragers. But this world of retail business moves at a pace that I don't want to try and keep up with anymore. It is a constant chase. A chase after the next best product, a chase after more customers, a chase after more inspiring words, a chase after a sale. I haven't been in business that long, but I know I don't want to chase anymore. I don't know what that will look like for me or for MADE, but I have to allow myself to try to not fit in the box of worldly business strategy anymore. I have to figure out a pace that moves at the same speed as my soul. I need to have the courage to step into the unknown that is beckoning me. And if this unknown is faith, following the gentle whispers of God that I might be hearing, than I trust that a richer life awaits me there. 


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