Serve, Love and Welcome

Modern with a touch of vintage, homey and inviting, contemporary and full of life. Pancakes with bacon, apricot chicken followed by Nutella cake, Swedish Pancakes with fresh berries and whipped cream. Fishing, trips to the city, swimming, baseball games, bike rides and ice cream scooping. 

From Seattle to Chicago to Cincinnati to Kentucky to Indianapolis, we spent the last two weeks driving through the Midwest, visiting family. Different houses, beds, and tables. Different rhythms, styles and personalities. One common theme: welcome. Each home welcomed us in with open arms. Welcoming isn’t cookie cutter. Welcoming isn't about trying to do it like everyone else. Welcoming is about saying "You can be here, right here in the midst of how we do life. Pull up a chair and stay a while. You are welcome here." When we aim to love and serve those in our home it doesn't matter whether our floors are 1960's linoleum or brand new carpet. It doesn't matter if we serve take out pizza or fresh baked bread. Don't be afraid to invite people in right where you are in life; serve, love and welcome them right where they are in life. 

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