About MADE

Hello! I'm Linnea and I am so glad you have stopped by MADE. I'd love to tell you a bit more about my store. 

A year ago I launched MADE out into the world. It has been a whirlwind of a year. From shipping out packages to selling in a brick a mortar, MADE has shaped into a business I didn’t foresee. But I love it. As I would look through catalogs my eye was always drawn towards products that allowed for beautiful gatherings or items that celebrated the home. As I talked with customers I heard the reoccurring theme of loving on their people. They were buying gifts for friends, showers, open houses and just because. They were excited to hand over a gift in a bag adorned with beautiful tissue paper to someone they loved. Our customers lit up when they spoke about being face-to-face with their people. Because of this MADE offers products that focus on gatherings and hospitality. It’s so much more than just products. It's about being together with people. MADE wants to provide you with the products that makes gathering with your people simple and beautiful. All you need to do is provide the invitation.  So pull up and chair and stay a while. You are welcome here. 


Dwell is the blog part of MADE. It focuses on creating space to bring people into your home and life. Gatherings, hospitality, community, home, and even cooking. What does it look like to take the intimidation and anxiety out of gathering people together? We were MADE for community and to DWELL a little longer together.